image Adding Value to Companies

By patenting their inventions, our clients increase the value of their companies and become more competitive. We work closely with our clients to determine when and where to seek patent protection. Our understanding of the technology, combined with our broad legal experience in intellectual property, enables us to provide comprehensive solutions in the most complex matters.

We have prosecuted numerous patent applications from filing to allowance. Our experience also includes appeals and reexamination proceedings at the USPTO and opposition proceedings at the European Patent Office. We prepare and prosecute patent applications internationally, under the Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT), and collaborate with a network of established patent attorneys around the world to prosecute international patent applications.

We have experience in a broad range of information security technologies, including methods and systems for securing networks and data, methods for preventing SQL injection and buffer overflows, symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, and anti-spam filtering. We also have experience more generally in wireless protocols and devices, VOIP protocols and systems, optical data storage, ASIC design, financial products, and business methods.

Litigation-Focused Patenting
We have experience drafting patents and prosecuting applications in anticipation of licensing opportunities and potential litigation. While any patent can be identified as a corporate asset, not just any patent is suitable for enforcement. If patents are not drafted with a strategic focus on the future, patent applicants can unintentionally disclaim valuable subject matter, effectively preventing them from pursuing enforcement options. Similarly, patent applicants may miss relevant prior art and risk an invalidity challenge.

We know what it takes to successfully enforce and defend patents, and we apply that experience in our patent prosecution.